Anuj Agrawal

Founder & CEO of Zyoin Group

Anuj, a respected business leader, has amassed over 20 years of experience in providing innovative and customized hiring solutions across a wide range of domains and industries. As the Founder and CEO of Zyoin Group, a leading recruitment solutions provider in India, he has partnered with over 1,000 companies to simplify their hiring challenges. Anuj's commendable expertise in developing robust business and delivery models in staffing and recruitment has been acknowledged by LinkedIn, which recognized Zyoin as one of India's and Asia's most socially engaged staffing agencies.

Furthermore, Anuj's influence extends beyond Zyoin Group. He serves as a managing partner at Zest Partners, an impact hiring solution provider under the Zyoin Group umbrella. He is also a partner at Thalaron Global, an advisory and accelerator for establishing Global Captive Centres in India. Anuj's entrepreneurial spirit is evident in his angel investments in several startups. On a personal note, he is a sports enthusiast and finds joy in networking, photography, and reading business biographies.